Wings Series

Hey everyone! I hope you liked my last post!!! This one is about a series that I recently finished!! There are four books- Wings, Spells, Illusions, and Destined. It is a fantasy romance, with a little action. Like the books in my last review, it was third person that shifted around. The shifting however was less frequent and not as annoying. You actually enjoy seeing the perspective of the other characters. Oh, and its written by Aprilyne Pike. 

The story- It is about a girl, Laurel, who wakes up one day with a flower on her back. She finds out eventually that she is a plant/faerie. Throughout the story she has many encounters with trolls,the enemies in the story. The trolls in the last book begin a war. And it takes place in California I believe.


It set everything up perfectly. You meet the players for the love triangle but in the end it turns out to be more of a square or a pentagon. Laurel finds out she is a faerie and begins to date a human boy named David. She befriends a girl named Chelsea and meets another faerie named Tamani, who likes her. The rivalry between fae and trolls is revealed. I liked how easy it was to read. You didn’t have a ton of characters to remember or different clues to pay attention to. You just read it and loved it.


Laurel is sent to the, “land of the faeries,” Avalon. She spends a summer there learning about her culture and falling in love with Tamani. When she goes back to the human world though she must repair many friendships and relationships. In the end she is forced to choose between the human world and David, or Avalon and Tamani. This book was pretty good. I liked how Tamani and Laurel connected, and alot of his past was revealed.


The final character for a love pentagon is revealed. Laurel meets another faerie named Yuki, who turns out to be more dangerous than could ever be expected. Laurel is forced to choose yet again, between sweet, mild-tempered David, and faithful, committed Tamani. I wasn’t a huge fan of this book. It was probably my least favorite in the series but it was tolerable, and it had its moments.


This book was a magnificent wrap up to the series. This one took place in Avalon, and it explained the war going on between the trolls and fae. The antagonists true nature and plans are uncovered and Chelsea, David, Tamani, and Laurel are all put to the test to stop it. Laurel finally makes her decision for good too!!! I loved the end!! Pike made the perfect wrap up with a  letter written by David. I was in tears reading it!!! I just loved this!! Its not really and intense romance series but its sweet and perfect.

Overall, this was one of my favorite series. The romance as I said wasn’t lusty or deep and intense. It was sweet, perfect, and understandable. You smiled every time the characters kissed, and whooped with joy when Laurel makes her choice. Even Chelsea had her moment in the last book. Pike did a brilliant job with this series. Not overdone or confusing. Just perfect. I would totally recommend it for teens. I mean sure it has faeries but even that whole idea isn’t as expected. They aren’t tiny little things. They are dangerous, deadly, and you will totally rethink your idea of faeries when you read this!!!

I would love to hear some feedback and if you’ve read this series I would love to hear from you!!!


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