Shadow Falls Series

Hey everyone!!! So I finished that series I was talking about! I was a little annoyed my prediction didn’t come true but it’s all good.
So this series is by C.C. Hunter. It’s a fantasy/adventure/ romance. It centers around supernaturalist- vampires, werewolves, fairies, shapeshifters, elves, witches, warlocks, and ghost whisperers. It takes place modern day in Texas. There are five books in the series and a two book mini series. It is told in third person, focusing the whole time on the main character Kylie.
The story- it all pretty much starts when Kylie’s parents divorce, her grandma dies, her boyfriend dumps her, and she gets a stalker. It’s a dream life right!!! Then her mom sends her to a camp to “straighten her out.”
Born at Midnight-
Kylie is sent to shadow falls camp after she is caught at a party with drugs. She finds out pretty quickly that it is actually a camp for supernaturals. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what she is. Every supernatural has a distinct pattern that shows others what they are, but no one can see her pattern. She also starts to fall in love with a half fae boy, Derek, but she also is trapped in her past by a werewolf, Lucas. This book was a really good set up. I really enjoyed how the story was written.
Awaken at Dawn
Kylie and Derek have finally gotten together, but secrets threaten their relationship as well as a certain hot werewolf, cough Lucas cough. Kylie’s species is still yet to be determined. She uses her twisted family tree to attempt to find the truth. She also must find a way to stop the evil vampire Mario, who has a strange interest in her. It was a pretty good story, but not amazing. Kylie is a hilarious, honest, and fun character all will enjoy. Derek is a sweet, charming boy who you root for throughout the book, and Lucas is a bold, sexy guy you cheer for just as much. It’s a pretty even tie.
Taken at Dusk
After a hint from her dead, ghost of a father (read previous books) Kylie must find out what it means to be a chameleon. Kylie must find out the truth about her crazy family history while struggling to ward off the advances of Mario’s son, Red. This was an intense book, because you had to keep up with Kylie’s romantic life, her family history, Red and Mario’s plot, and Kylie’s species. I liked it but I was a little unhappy with Kylie’s choice in boy (Lucas vs. Derek).
Whispers at Moonrise
This was my favorite book in the series. Kylie begins to attend Shadow Falls Academy, and she is intrigued by one of the teachers. Kylie begins to understand what it means to be a chameleon. Kylie also is torn into pieces by Lucas, when she learns a devastating secret he’s has been keeping. This book was good. I liked the chameleon thing, and was entertained by her and Lucas’s relationship. You were totally blindsided by Lucas’s secret, and I didn’t really know what to think.
Chosen at Nightfall
Kylie goes to live with other chameleons. When she runs away, back to Shadow falls, she must find out the mystery of the sword that keeps appearing around her. The only clues she has is a ghost that knows the sword, the words “the holy warrior” engraved in the sword, and Lucas, who is training her for an inevitable battle. This was a predictable book, from an obvious betrayal to Kylie’s choice in love. I was annoyed with her choice in love, and upset with the ending. This was probably my least favorite book in the series. And honestly, it being the wrap up of the series, it made the whole series seem bad.
So yeah. The series was good and the idea was great, but the ending just put a bad light on it all. Kylie’s choice was awful (or maybe just her reasons), and I despise books that end with weddings. Does anyone else understand that!!!!???? It’s just so final when the characters get married. Bella and Edward (Twilight Saga), and, Harper and Daniel (Watersong series) is just so… I don’t know how to explain it. I just wasn’t happy with the ending.
I would recommend this book to teens since it had several sexual references (no sex though), drinking, and profanities. It was a very good series, story, and idea, but the last book was a little bit of a let down. After all that build up it was a let down. I would recommend it for people looking for a good entertaining read with a love triangle, awesome characters you love, and a dark plot.
Feel free to give me some feedback on the review. Let me know what you think of the book, and I would love to talk about the book.


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