The Host

Hey everyone! So I am in the middle of this amazing finale to a series I have been infatuated with for about two years! But I wanted to do another post so I thought I would do a review on Stephanie Meyer’s “The Host.” I will do a review on the book I am reading currently next time, or soon. Anyway since this is a one book thing, I will go into more detail.

The Host is a futuristic adventure book, with some romance. Alot of people are probably familiar with The Twilight Sage, which is another series by Meyer. This is nothing like that. While it does have that amazing love triangle (this is more like a square) it has a story with no equal. It is told in a first person perspective.

The story- It is basically a futuristic society where aliens/ parasites,that can take over your body, take over. These however aren’t E.T aliens. They are little worm things that can be put in your head only by an external force. They are called souls.

The Host-

Melanie Stryder is a teenager who was caught. She and her younger brother, Jamie,  are on the run from the seekers, aliens who basically capture rouge humans. Eventually she and her brother meet another human, Jared. Now the story starts a little after that, when Melanie is caught and a soul is put in her. The back story to Melanie is revealed through a series of flashbacks. Anyway she and her brother meet Jared and she falls in love. Then however she caught, ending with a soul in her head.

Now you have to understand, when a soul is put in you you are gone. The soul is the new you, so you cease to exist. Well somehow Melanie resists, and manages not to disappear. So the whole story begins when Melanie and the soul, who is called Wanderer, are stuck in the same mind. 

Basically what happens is Melanie and Wanderer live together for a while before Wanderer decides to get a different host. However, Melanie manages to persuade her to look for other humans who aren’t possessed. After a series of wild turns, they meet the human resistance. 

Wanderer/ Melanie is reunited with Jamie and Jared, but Jared is weary of a soul. Jamie falls in love with Wanderer’s stories. Then Wanderer begins to fall in love with a human named Ian. The rest of the story consists of Wanderer’s missions to get Jared to trust her, to save Melanie from a fate of being in her head forever, and to get the human resistance to believe that Melanie is still alive.

This was a really well written novel. While you are reading it you are literally looking over your head for spaceships, and looking into peoples eyes for the distinct silver glow of a soul. I was a little disappointed that it was just one book, because the end could be a set up for another. But as far as I know it remains to be single. 

For those of you who have seen the movie and liked it, read the book and we’ll talk. I hated it. It was portrayed very differently from the book. In the movie it seemed to be a span of about a month, but the book takes place over about a year and a half. The ending in the movie was kind of “UM, I think not!” For every other book lover, you know of what I speak!!!! Those movies you are so excited for, but you see it and just want to smack the screenplay writers. They completely screwed up the story, the characters, the idea, and the love story. Just read the book, watch it, and we’ll have a nice long chat about how bad the movie was. The book however was fabulous.

So yeah, read the book. It was awesome. It was pretty predictable I daresay, yet you still find yourself surprised. It was pretty character based. You got to know even the secondary characters pretty well. I would recommend it to teens and even adults. It was kind of hard to follow, so pay attention, but I would think adults would enjoy it.

If you have read it please feel free to comment!!! Those of you who haven’t enjoy it and tell me what you thought!!!



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