The Hunger Games

Hey everyone!!! I hope everyone’s Christmas was good. I bought about 30 books with Christmas money!!! No joke! I will hopefully have a lot to review later on!!!
So what to review. I kinda want to do a series everyone probably knows- The Hunger Games! Yes I know- everyone has read it. But honestly, being the book lover I am, I need to rant about it. And for those who haven’t read it, you will be forewarned. It is by Suzanne Collins.
This is a dystopian book, with adventure and a tad of romance. It takes place in the future (hence dystopian) and is somewhere in North America.
The story- In a futuristic society, the community is divided into 12 districts. After a long war, the 13th district was destroyed. Anyway it takes place in district 12, a poor mining district. In return for loosing the war, every year, 2 people from each district had to go into an arena to fight to the death (the hunger games), until there was one victor.
The Hunger Games
Katniss Everdeen is forced to participate in the 74th hunger games. Her male counterpart is a boy named Peeta. When the games begin, Katniss is put to the test- she must survive- no matter what the cost. Of the trilogy this was the best book. It captured your heart and was utterly perfect. Every time someone died you felt like you knew the character personally. The movie was excellent as well! It was very well done, and followed the book. Five stars here!!!
Catching Fire
Katniss has finally returned home, but she must know do everything to protect those she loves. Gale, her lifelong friend and companion, is in danger, and her mother and sister lives are at stake. And not to mention the quickly approaching Quarter Quell, a special type of hunger games. This was a great book. It had a few surprises and I loved the Quarter Quell part. You meet a bunch of new characters who made you love the book more. The movie was good too. It wasn’t as good as the book, but it was alright.
Katniss a has finally picked her side, and that resides with the still thriving underground district 13. She must do all she can now, to bring back the boy, that she is only now realizing she loves. Hated it. This book sucked royally. It didn’t make sense. Her love choice was awful. The epilogue made me want to hit something. It an okay story but portrayed all wrong. Like sure it was a cool idea to have to rescue her “love” but she didn’t actually love him. And how he acted when she found this nameless love was like “WTF Suzanne!!” Honestly i just want to see this movie so i can 1) sit back, throw back my head and laugh maniacally. 2) cry. 3) throw popcorn at the screen.
I loved the idea. I want to be an author one day so I was dying though to fix it. To make the story how it should be. The first two books were great, but the last one was one of the worst endings ever!!! So yeah. I would recommend it to teens and adults.
If you’ve read the book and you totally agree, feel free to comment. If this review helped you let me know!!!!


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