So since I said I would do more books by Neal Schuesterman, I decided to do this one. It is a one book deal by Schuesterman, and it falls right into his genre of dark and mysterious. It was a little deeper than the Skinjacker trilogy, with love and loss. I listened to this as well so analogies for misspellings.
It takes place modern day and is a romantic, mystery, fantasy. It is a teen book.
The story- Bruister is an outcast. Bronte is dead set on “fixing him.” Tennyson is trying to keep his twin from getting involved in something more serious than she ever could know.
It all begins when Tennyson interrupts his twin sister’s, Bronte, date. Tennyson follows Bruister home one day in hopes of finding out what is wrong with him. What he witnesses is a crazy uncle, Hoit, loosing it.
Bruister is an orphan, with a half brother, Cody. The two live under the care of Uncle Hoit, a drunk. Hoit and Cody are the only know who know the truth about Bruister Rollins, until a disastrous date with Bronte.
Bronte didn’t know Bruister existed until she met him at the library. She wants to draw Bruister (otherwise known as Bruiser) out of his metaphorical shell.In hopes of helping him become more popular, she grows closer to him than is safe.
When the twins figure it out, the story takes a wild turn. With love, loss, heartbreak, mystery, and sacrifice this story captured your soul.
I loved this book. It was perfect. It was so deep and mysterious and you have to pay attention if you want to figure out Bruister’s secret. I liked how much you could figure out about the book if you just payed attention. Schuesterman is truly a master!
If you have read this book and want to comment go right ahead. If this review helped you- let me know!!!!


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