Skinjacker Trilogy

Hey everyone! I hope your new year was good. I didn’t really know what to review, so I’m going to review the skinjacker trilogy, by Neal Shuesterman.
It is a modern day adventure story (fiction to the core). It is probably good for 8-16 year olds. It doesn’t have any cussing and is totally apropriate. And I listened to this on audible so sorry if I spell names wrong!!!
The story- Ally and Nick both died in the same car accident. Nine months later they wake up in Everlost, the land of lost kids.

Ally and Nick both die. When they are flying down the tunnel, they trip and go flying into Everlost, a world where kids who fall out of the tunnel go. They are now afterlights, children who can’t walk on living earth, can’t dream, and slowly forget. They then decide to go on a journey to find their families, and see what happened to them after the accident. Along the way they meet Mary Hightower, governess of Everlost, with a secret, the Magill, an evil spirit who contents himself with misery, and Johnny O, a tough leader of a group of boys.
This was an entertaining read. Not particularly deep or heartbreaking, just a light hearted fun read. It kinda defies Schuesterman’s style. He writes a lot of dark, evil books and I’ll review them sometime. But yeah a fun book!
Ally and Nick have gone their separate ways, and each have separate paths. Ally must learn what it means to be a skinjacker (a person who can possess the living) and find out what really happened to herself when she died. She must also choose between the kind, gracious Milos who knows so much about skinjacking and seems to hold all the anwsers, or the hot tempered Mikey who loves her so deeply it scares both of them. Nick on the other hand, must build an army against the self-proclaimed governess of Everlost, who he’s in love with. He must also find a way to slow his ever growing chocolate doom (just read the first book.).
This book was awesome. Ally’s story was great and I was highly entertained by Milos and Mikey. Nick was also a cool character who you cheered for without the story. And I have no words for Mary
With all in place for the final battle, all is left is to fight. With Ally in the hands of the enemy, Mary mysteriously MIA, Jix (a mysterious skinjacker) snooping, Clarence (the legendary scar wraith) leaving fear in his wake,Nick a chocolate idiot, Mikey searching for Ally, and the supreme ruler of Everlost after them all this was a crazy story that keeps you on your toes. The true intentions of Mary and Milo’s is revealed (it has something to do with the end of the world [go figure]).
The ending was a little of a stretch. I wished it was a little more “realistic.” I loved the characters though and what happened to them. I thought Mary’s ending was a little off of what it should have been and as was Clarence’s. Nick’s was good and Ally’s was what I expected.
This was a great series. It was as lighthearted as a book about dead kids can be. I thought it was entertaining and fun with characters you loved.
If you have read this book and want to comment feel free! If this review helped let me know!!!


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