The Lost Hero

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been busy. But not busy enough to keep me away from my books. I just reread the Heroes of Olympus books andI wanted to do the first one since its a big book and series.
This is kinda a followup series to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, which i will do a review on soon I promise!!!It is writtenby Rick Roirdon and is mythological fiction yet modern day. It brings back alot of characters from the old series. It is probably and 10+ series but adults would like it too!!!
The story- The next great prophecy is underway.
Seven halfbloods will answer the call
To storm or fire the earth will fall
An oath to keep with a final breath
And foes bear arms to the doors of death

Piper, Leo and Jason are sent on a quest to fufill a new prophecy which will hopefully solve the mystery of where Percy Jackson has gone, why the gods are trying to kill them, and where Jason is actually from.
The Lost Hero
Piper’s father sent her to a troubled school, because she “steals things.” But is really stealing when you just ask for it and the persons gives it to you. She also is in love with Jason.Not that he remembers her.
Jason is confused because he woke up on a bus with no memory. His only clues are a coin, a tattoo that says “SPQR”, and a purple shirt.
Leo is guilty of murder. He accidently killed his mom, and has been running away from fosterhomes ever since. Finally he has ended up in a troubled school were he “fits in.”
The three are all friends. But when they are attacked by storm spirits, their gym coach looses his pants, and a flying chariot arrives things tend to get a little strange. Suddenly Leo finds out he is the son of Hephestus, Piper is a beauty queen (thanks mom), and Jason is a powerful son of Zeus. The three are demigods and are brought to a camp to learn how to live.
But a prophecy however leads them across the country to find a chained goddess, Hera. They encounter many obstecles, like angry pizza loving angels, salsa addicted cyclops, and gold addicts. But can they save Piper’s dad, Hera, and oh just the earth? But really, their saving the earth from the earth.
This was an epic story. It had love, loss, and adventure. The idea that gods are real is so cool and this was a great read. Percy Jackson sadly didn’t show up… But he’s up next in the next book!!!


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