The Lost Hero

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been busy. But not busy enough to keep me away from my books. I just reread the Heroes of Olympus books andI wanted to do the first one since its a big book and series.
This is kinda a followup series to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, which i will do a review on soon I promise!!!It is writtenby Rick Roirdon and is mythological fiction yet modern day. It brings back alot of characters from the old series. It is probably and 10+ series but adults would like it too!!!
The story- The next great prophecy is underway.
Seven halfbloods will answer the call
To storm or fire the earth will fall
An oath to keep with a final breath
And foes bear arms to the doors of death

Piper, Leo and Jason are sent on a quest to fufill a new prophecy which will hopefully solve the mystery of where Percy Jackson has gone, why the gods are trying to kill them, and where Jason is actually from.
The Lost Hero
Piper’s father sent her to a troubled school, because she “steals things.” But is really stealing when you just ask for it and the persons gives it to you. She also is in love with Jason.Not that he remembers her.
Jason is confused because he woke up on a bus with no memory. His only clues are a coin, a tattoo that says “SPQR”, and a purple shirt.
Leo is guilty of murder. He accidently killed his mom, and has been running away from fosterhomes ever since. Finally he has ended up in a troubled school were he “fits in.”
The three are all friends. But when they are attacked by storm spirits, their gym coach looses his pants, and a flying chariot arrives things tend to get a little strange. Suddenly Leo finds out he is the son of Hephestus, Piper is a beauty queen (thanks mom), and Jason is a powerful son of Zeus. The three are demigods and are brought to a camp to learn how to live.
But a prophecy however leads them across the country to find a chained goddess, Hera. They encounter many obstecles, like angry pizza loving angels, salsa addicted cyclops, and gold addicts. But can they save Piper’s dad, Hera, and oh just the earth? But really, their saving the earth from the earth.
This was an epic story. It had love, loss, and adventure. The idea that gods are real is so cool and this was a great read. Percy Jackson sadly didn’t show up… But he’s up next in the next book!!!



So since I said I would do more books by Neal Schuesterman, I decided to do this one. It is a one book deal by Schuesterman, and it falls right into his genre of dark and mysterious. It was a little deeper than the Skinjacker trilogy, with love and loss. I listened to this as well so analogies for misspellings.
It takes place modern day and is a romantic, mystery, fantasy. It is a teen book.
The story- Bruister is an outcast. Bronte is dead set on “fixing him.” Tennyson is trying to keep his twin from getting involved in something more serious than she ever could know.
It all begins when Tennyson interrupts his twin sister’s, Bronte, date. Tennyson follows Bruister home one day in hopes of finding out what is wrong with him. What he witnesses is a crazy uncle, Hoit, loosing it.
Bruister is an orphan, with a half brother, Cody. The two live under the care of Uncle Hoit, a drunk. Hoit and Cody are the only know who know the truth about Bruister Rollins, until a disastrous date with Bronte.
Bronte didn’t know Bruister existed until she met him at the library. She wants to draw Bruister (otherwise known as Bruiser) out of his metaphorical shell.In hopes of helping him become more popular, she grows closer to him than is safe.
When the twins figure it out, the story takes a wild turn. With love, loss, heartbreak, mystery, and sacrifice this story captured your soul.
I loved this book. It was perfect. It was so deep and mysterious and you have to pay attention if you want to figure out Bruister’s secret. I liked how much you could figure out about the book if you just payed attention. Schuesterman is truly a master!
If you have read this book and want to comment go right ahead. If this review helped you- let me know!!!!

Skinjacker Trilogy

Hey everyone! I hope your new year was good. I didn’t really know what to review, so I’m going to review the skinjacker trilogy, by Neal Shuesterman.
It is a modern day adventure story (fiction to the core). It is probably good for 8-16 year olds. It doesn’t have any cussing and is totally apropriate. And I listened to this on audible so sorry if I spell names wrong!!!
The story- Ally and Nick both died in the same car accident. Nine months later they wake up in Everlost, the land of lost kids.

Ally and Nick both die. When they are flying down the tunnel, they trip and go flying into Everlost, a world where kids who fall out of the tunnel go. They are now afterlights, children who can’t walk on living earth, can’t dream, and slowly forget. They then decide to go on a journey to find their families, and see what happened to them after the accident. Along the way they meet Mary Hightower, governess of Everlost, with a secret, the Magill, an evil spirit who contents himself with misery, and Johnny O, a tough leader of a group of boys.
This was an entertaining read. Not particularly deep or heartbreaking, just a light hearted fun read. It kinda defies Schuesterman’s style. He writes a lot of dark, evil books and I’ll review them sometime. But yeah a fun book!
Ally and Nick have gone their separate ways, and each have separate paths. Ally must learn what it means to be a skinjacker (a person who can possess the living) and find out what really happened to herself when she died. She must also choose between the kind, gracious Milos who knows so much about skinjacking and seems to hold all the anwsers, or the hot tempered Mikey who loves her so deeply it scares both of them. Nick on the other hand, must build an army against the self-proclaimed governess of Everlost, who he’s in love with. He must also find a way to slow his ever growing chocolate doom (just read the first book.).
This book was awesome. Ally’s story was great and I was highly entertained by Milos and Mikey. Nick was also a cool character who you cheered for without the story. And I have no words for Mary
With all in place for the final battle, all is left is to fight. With Ally in the hands of the enemy, Mary mysteriously MIA, Jix (a mysterious skinjacker) snooping, Clarence (the legendary scar wraith) leaving fear in his wake,Nick a chocolate idiot, Mikey searching for Ally, and the supreme ruler of Everlost after them all this was a crazy story that keeps you on your toes. The true intentions of Mary and Milo’s is revealed (it has something to do with the end of the world [go figure]).
The ending was a little of a stretch. I wished it was a little more “realistic.” I loved the characters though and what happened to them. I thought Mary’s ending was a little off of what it should have been and as was Clarence’s. Nick’s was good and Ally’s was what I expected.
This was a great series. It was as lighthearted as a book about dead kids can be. I thought it was entertaining and fun with characters you loved.
If you have read this book and want to comment feel free! If this review helped let me know!!!

The Hunger Games

Hey everyone!!! I hope everyone’s Christmas was good. I bought about 30 books with Christmas money!!! No joke! I will hopefully have a lot to review later on!!!
So what to review. I kinda want to do a series everyone probably knows- The Hunger Games! Yes I know- everyone has read it. But honestly, being the book lover I am, I need to rant about it. And for those who haven’t read it, you will be forewarned. It is by Suzanne Collins.
This is a dystopian book, with adventure and a tad of romance. It takes place in the future (hence dystopian) and is somewhere in North America.
The story- In a futuristic society, the community is divided into 12 districts. After a long war, the 13th district was destroyed. Anyway it takes place in district 12, a poor mining district. In return for loosing the war, every year, 2 people from each district had to go into an arena to fight to the death (the hunger games), until there was one victor.
The Hunger Games
Katniss Everdeen is forced to participate in the 74th hunger games. Her male counterpart is a boy named Peeta. When the games begin, Katniss is put to the test- she must survive- no matter what the cost. Of the trilogy this was the best book. It captured your heart and was utterly perfect. Every time someone died you felt like you knew the character personally. The movie was excellent as well! It was very well done, and followed the book. Five stars here!!!
Catching Fire
Katniss has finally returned home, but she must know do everything to protect those she loves. Gale, her lifelong friend and companion, is in danger, and her mother and sister lives are at stake. And not to mention the quickly approaching Quarter Quell, a special type of hunger games. This was a great book. It had a few surprises and I loved the Quarter Quell part. You meet a bunch of new characters who made you love the book more. The movie was good too. It wasn’t as good as the book, but it was alright.
Katniss a has finally picked her side, and that resides with the still thriving underground district 13. She must do all she can now, to bring back the boy, that she is only now realizing she loves. Hated it. This book sucked royally. It didn’t make sense. Her love choice was awful. The epilogue made me want to hit something. It an okay story but portrayed all wrong. Like sure it was a cool idea to have to rescue her “love” but she didn’t actually love him. And how he acted when she found this nameless love was like “WTF Suzanne!!” Honestly i just want to see this movie so i can 1) sit back, throw back my head and laugh maniacally. 2) cry. 3) throw popcorn at the screen.
I loved the idea. I want to be an author one day so I was dying though to fix it. To make the story how it should be. The first two books were great, but the last one was one of the worst endings ever!!! So yeah. I would recommend it to teens and adults.
If you’ve read the book and you totally agree, feel free to comment. If this review helped you let me know!!!!

The Host

Hey everyone! So I am in the middle of this amazing finale to a series I have been infatuated with for about two years! But I wanted to do another post so I thought I would do a review on Stephanie Meyer’s “The Host.” I will do a review on the book I am reading currently next time, or soon. Anyway since this is a one book thing, I will go into more detail.

The Host is a futuristic adventure book, with some romance. Alot of people are probably familiar with The Twilight Sage, which is another series by Meyer. This is nothing like that. While it does have that amazing love triangle (this is more like a square) it has a story with no equal. It is told in a first person perspective.

The story- It is basically a futuristic society where aliens/ parasites,that can take over your body, take over. These however aren’t E.T aliens. They are little worm things that can be put in your head only by an external force. They are called souls.

The Host-

Melanie Stryder is a teenager who was caught. She and her younger brother, Jamie,  are on the run from the seekers, aliens who basically capture rouge humans. Eventually she and her brother meet another human, Jared. Now the story starts a little after that, when Melanie is caught and a soul is put in her. The back story to Melanie is revealed through a series of flashbacks. Anyway she and her brother meet Jared and she falls in love. Then however she caught, ending with a soul in her head.

Now you have to understand, when a soul is put in you you are gone. The soul is the new you, so you cease to exist. Well somehow Melanie resists, and manages not to disappear. So the whole story begins when Melanie and the soul, who is called Wanderer, are stuck in the same mind. 

Basically what happens is Melanie and Wanderer live together for a while before Wanderer decides to get a different host. However, Melanie manages to persuade her to look for other humans who aren’t possessed. After a series of wild turns, they meet the human resistance. 

Wanderer/ Melanie is reunited with Jamie and Jared, but Jared is weary of a soul. Jamie falls in love with Wanderer’s stories. Then Wanderer begins to fall in love with a human named Ian. The rest of the story consists of Wanderer’s missions to get Jared to trust her, to save Melanie from a fate of being in her head forever, and to get the human resistance to believe that Melanie is still alive.

This was a really well written novel. While you are reading it you are literally looking over your head for spaceships, and looking into peoples eyes for the distinct silver glow of a soul. I was a little disappointed that it was just one book, because the end could be a set up for another. But as far as I know it remains to be single. 

For those of you who have seen the movie and liked it, read the book and we’ll talk. I hated it. It was portrayed very differently from the book. In the movie it seemed to be a span of about a month, but the book takes place over about a year and a half. The ending in the movie was kind of “UM, I think not!” For every other book lover, you know of what I speak!!!! Those movies you are so excited for, but you see it and just want to smack the screenplay writers. They completely screwed up the story, the characters, the idea, and the love story. Just read the book, watch it, and we’ll have a nice long chat about how bad the movie was. The book however was fabulous.

So yeah, read the book. It was awesome. It was pretty predictable I daresay, yet you still find yourself surprised. It was pretty character based. You got to know even the secondary characters pretty well. I would recommend it to teens and even adults. It was kind of hard to follow, so pay attention, but I would think adults would enjoy it.

If you have read it please feel free to comment!!! Those of you who haven’t enjoy it and tell me what you thought!!!


Shadow Falls Series

Hey everyone!!! So I finished that series I was talking about! I was a little annoyed my prediction didn’t come true but it’s all good.
So this series is by C.C. Hunter. It’s a fantasy/adventure/ romance. It centers around supernaturalist- vampires, werewolves, fairies, shapeshifters, elves, witches, warlocks, and ghost whisperers. It takes place modern day in Texas. There are five books in the series and a two book mini series. It is told in third person, focusing the whole time on the main character Kylie.
The story- it all pretty much starts when Kylie’s parents divorce, her grandma dies, her boyfriend dumps her, and she gets a stalker. It’s a dream life right!!! Then her mom sends her to a camp to “straighten her out.”
Born at Midnight-
Kylie is sent to shadow falls camp after she is caught at a party with drugs. She finds out pretty quickly that it is actually a camp for supernaturals. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what she is. Every supernatural has a distinct pattern that shows others what they are, but no one can see her pattern. She also starts to fall in love with a half fae boy, Derek, but she also is trapped in her past by a werewolf, Lucas. This book was a really good set up. I really enjoyed how the story was written.
Awaken at Dawn
Kylie and Derek have finally gotten together, but secrets threaten their relationship as well as a certain hot werewolf, cough Lucas cough. Kylie’s species is still yet to be determined. She uses her twisted family tree to attempt to find the truth. She also must find a way to stop the evil vampire Mario, who has a strange interest in her. It was a pretty good story, but not amazing. Kylie is a hilarious, honest, and fun character all will enjoy. Derek is a sweet, charming boy who you root for throughout the book, and Lucas is a bold, sexy guy you cheer for just as much. It’s a pretty even tie.
Taken at Dusk
After a hint from her dead, ghost of a father (read previous books) Kylie must find out what it means to be a chameleon. Kylie must find out the truth about her crazy family history while struggling to ward off the advances of Mario’s son, Red. This was an intense book, because you had to keep up with Kylie’s romantic life, her family history, Red and Mario’s plot, and Kylie’s species. I liked it but I was a little unhappy with Kylie’s choice in boy (Lucas vs. Derek).
Whispers at Moonrise
This was my favorite book in the series. Kylie begins to attend Shadow Falls Academy, and she is intrigued by one of the teachers. Kylie begins to understand what it means to be a chameleon. Kylie also is torn into pieces by Lucas, when she learns a devastating secret he’s has been keeping. This book was good. I liked the chameleon thing, and was entertained by her and Lucas’s relationship. You were totally blindsided by Lucas’s secret, and I didn’t really know what to think.
Chosen at Nightfall
Kylie goes to live with other chameleons. When she runs away, back to Shadow falls, she must find out the mystery of the sword that keeps appearing around her. The only clues she has is a ghost that knows the sword, the words “the holy warrior” engraved in the sword, and Lucas, who is training her for an inevitable battle. This was a predictable book, from an obvious betrayal to Kylie’s choice in love. I was annoyed with her choice in love, and upset with the ending. This was probably my least favorite book in the series. And honestly, it being the wrap up of the series, it made the whole series seem bad.
So yeah. The series was good and the idea was great, but the ending just put a bad light on it all. Kylie’s choice was awful (or maybe just her reasons), and I despise books that end with weddings. Does anyone else understand that!!!!???? It’s just so final when the characters get married. Bella and Edward (Twilight Saga), and, Harper and Daniel (Watersong series) is just so… I don’t know how to explain it. I just wasn’t happy with the ending.
I would recommend this book to teens since it had several sexual references (no sex though), drinking, and profanities. It was a very good series, story, and idea, but the last book was a little bit of a let down. After all that build up it was a let down. I would recommend it for people looking for a good entertaining read with a love triangle, awesome characters you love, and a dark plot.
Feel free to give me some feedback on the review. Let me know what you think of the book, and I would love to talk about the book.

Wings Series

Hey everyone! I hope you liked my last post!!! This one is about a series that I recently finished!! There are four books- Wings, Spells, Illusions, and Destined. It is a fantasy romance, with a little action. Like the books in my last review, it was third person that shifted around. The shifting however was less frequent and not as annoying. You actually enjoy seeing the perspective of the other characters. Oh, and its written by Aprilyne Pike. 

The story- It is about a girl, Laurel, who wakes up one day with a flower on her back. She finds out eventually that she is a plant/faerie. Throughout the story she has many encounters with trolls,the enemies in the story. The trolls in the last book begin a war. And it takes place in California I believe.


It set everything up perfectly. You meet the players for the love triangle but in the end it turns out to be more of a square or a pentagon. Laurel finds out she is a faerie and begins to date a human boy named David. She befriends a girl named Chelsea and meets another faerie named Tamani, who likes her. The rivalry between fae and trolls is revealed. I liked how easy it was to read. You didn’t have a ton of characters to remember or different clues to pay attention to. You just read it and loved it.


Laurel is sent to the, “land of the faeries,” Avalon. She spends a summer there learning about her culture and falling in love with Tamani. When she goes back to the human world though she must repair many friendships and relationships. In the end she is forced to choose between the human world and David, or Avalon and Tamani. This book was pretty good. I liked how Tamani and Laurel connected, and alot of his past was revealed.


The final character for a love pentagon is revealed. Laurel meets another faerie named Yuki, who turns out to be more dangerous than could ever be expected. Laurel is forced to choose yet again, between sweet, mild-tempered David, and faithful, committed Tamani. I wasn’t a huge fan of this book. It was probably my least favorite in the series but it was tolerable, and it had its moments.


This book was a magnificent wrap up to the series. This one took place in Avalon, and it explained the war going on between the trolls and fae. The antagonists true nature and plans are uncovered and Chelsea, David, Tamani, and Laurel are all put to the test to stop it. Laurel finally makes her decision for good too!!! I loved the end!! Pike made the perfect wrap up with a  letter written by David. I was in tears reading it!!! I just loved this!! Its not really and intense romance series but its sweet and perfect.

Overall, this was one of my favorite series. The romance as I said wasn’t lusty or deep and intense. It was sweet, perfect, and understandable. You smiled every time the characters kissed, and whooped with joy when Laurel makes her choice. Even Chelsea had her moment in the last book. Pike did a brilliant job with this series. Not overdone or confusing. Just perfect. I would totally recommend it for teens. I mean sure it has faeries but even that whole idea isn’t as expected. They aren’t tiny little things. They are dangerous, deadly, and you will totally rethink your idea of faeries when you read this!!!

I would love to hear some feedback and if you’ve read this series I would love to hear from you!!!

Watersong Review

This is my first book review. I’m a little nervous. I have a thing for books. They all are full of creations made purely from the authors mind. It is beautiful how they do it and I love being a part of that world they create. So for my first review, I’m going to wing it and see how I do.

I recently read a series called Watersong. There were four books- Wake, Lullaby, Tidal, and Elegy. The author, Amanda Hocking, has written many other books including the Trylle trilogy. But on the topic of Watersong, there are four books. There is one novella called Forgotten Lyrics as well. The whole series is a fantasy romance. If you don’t liKe fictional romance or adventure books then you might want to leave because those are the types of books I love.

The books are told from third person and they shift around focusing on all of the characters. They might have three chapters on the main characters sister, and one on the main character herself. Its a little annoying because you want it to focus on the main character’s story the whole time, but in the end you appreciate the back story.

The story. The series focuses on the idea of sirens. They are basically Greek girls who were cursed for their carelessness, so they are doomed to a life of swimming, singing, flying (yes flying), and eating men’s hearts. Its a little gory but not really that bad. Anyway, the main character, Gemma, is a talented swimmer who gets turned into a siren. The whole story mainly revolves around how Gemma will reverse the curse and free herself.


Gemma is turned into a siren. This book is about how she finds out what she is and sets up the story. The antagonists are revealed, romance blossams, and so on. Its pretty good because you like the characters and the story! You are entertained by the sirens. You are rooting for Alex, the love interest. And most importantly, you are excited by what is happening.


This was honestly my favorite book in the series. Gemma runs off with the sirens and she finds out more about what she is. Her family searches for her. In this book I was a little annoyed about how they find each other. It was good in the beginning but then it went down hill. It does have an interesting twist involving the sirens.


This book sucked. It picks up a while after the second book and you don’t know what is going on. You are introduced to new characters and more romance blooms between the sister, Harper, and her new found match. I had no tolerance for that pairing. You could see it coming the whole time, and after the second book when the attraction between the two is revealed, they are all of a sudden dating. One of the siren’s back story is revealed in a series of about three or four flashbacks. The back story is interesting but the rest of the book is… well I guess a little bland..


This was the last book in the series. Unlike the transition from Lullaby to Tidal, it picks up almost immediately. This was really similar to the plot in Tidal. Basically Gemma just wants to break the curse. The ending was pretty bad. I’m sure that all fellow readers know what I mean, when I say that it was awful. The girl just gives up. The happy couple gets married. The one character you like dies. It was awful. I was so mad when I read it.

Honestly it was an entertaining series. If you want something to take your mind off a bad day or you are bored you will enjoy the first two books. But honestly I wouldn’t want to read the last two. It’s predictable and just downright annoying.

If you have read this series and you totally understand I would love to here from you! Please give me feedback on how the review was!!!