Watersong Review

This is my first book review. I’m a little nervous. I have a thing for books. They all are full of creations made purely from the authors mind. It is beautiful how they do it and I love being a part of that world they create. So for my first review, I’m going to wing it and see how I do.

I recently read a series called Watersong. There were four books- Wake, Lullaby, Tidal, and Elegy. The author, Amanda Hocking, has written many other books including the Trylle trilogy. But on the topic of Watersong, there are four books. There is one novella called Forgotten Lyrics as well. The whole series is a fantasy romance. If you don’t liKe fictional romance or adventure books then you might want to leave because those are the types of books I love.

The books are told from third person and they shift around focusing on all of the characters. They might have three chapters on the main characters sister, and one on the main character herself. Its a little annoying because you want it to focus on the main character’s story the whole time, but in the end you appreciate the back story.

The story. The series focuses on the idea of sirens. They are basically Greek girls who were cursed for their carelessness, so they are doomed to a life of swimming, singing, flying (yes flying), and eating men’s hearts. Its a little gory but not really that bad. Anyway, the main character, Gemma, is a talented swimmer who gets turned into a siren. The whole story mainly revolves around how Gemma will reverse the curse and free herself.


Gemma is turned into a siren. This book is about how she finds out what she is and sets up the story. The antagonists are revealed, romance blossams, and so on. Its pretty good because you like the characters and the story! You are entertained by the sirens. You are rooting for Alex, the love interest. And most importantly, you are excited by what is happening.


This was honestly my favorite book in the series. Gemma runs off with the sirens and she finds out more about what she is. Her family searches for her. In this book I was a little annoyed about how they find each other. It was good in the beginning but then it went down hill. It does have an interesting twist involving the sirens.


This book sucked. It picks up a while after the second book and you don’t know what is going on. You are introduced to new characters and more romance blooms between the sister, Harper, and her new found match. I had no tolerance for that pairing. You could see it coming the whole time, and after the second book when the attraction between the two is revealed, they are all of a sudden dating. One of the siren’s back story is revealed in a series of about three or four flashbacks. The back story is interesting but the rest of the book is… well I guess a little bland..


This was the last book in the series. Unlike the transition from Lullaby to Tidal, it picks up almost immediately. This was really similar to the plot in Tidal. Basically Gemma just wants to break the curse. The ending was pretty bad. I’m sure that all fellow readers know what I mean, when I say that it was awful. The girl just gives up. The happy couple gets married. The one character you like dies. It was awful. I was so mad when I read it.

Honestly it was an entertaining series. If you want something to take your mind off a bad day or you are bored you will enjoy the first two books. But honestly I wouldn’t want to read the last two. It’s predictable and just downright annoying.

If you have read this series and you totally understand I would love to here from you! Please give me feedback on how the review was!!!